Hey There :-)

I’m a student of business informatics based near Cologne, Germany. Working for a smaller IT Consulting company, I’m confronted with traditional business applications most of the time, but partly also dig into the development and infrastructure behind it. Thanks to my study subject, I also get in contact with newer (or in business terms: “less established” ;-) ) technologies. Some people might call me an expert at building hacky things for simple issues that nobody ever would use in real life.

Besides the technical stuff, music is a very huge part of my other life as a drummer. I actually started my musical career with typical bigband music years ago. After diving into quite a few different other genres (Red Hot Chili Peppers’s Funk-Rock and Crossover style and Taylor Swift pop music, just to mention the “big” ones), I’ve been playing in a local blues rock band for the past few years.

Cover Image: JANNIK SELZ on Unsplash