When I started university some time ago, I wrote all papers using Word - like nearly everyone would do at that time. A collegue of mine then briefly introduced me to LaTex last year. After fiddeling around with configurations in the past few months, I actually now ended up having a quite comprehensive “starter pack” that fits most of my use cases. So I decided to take some time to put this stuff together as some kind of generic latex boilerplate.

You can find the boilerplate on GitLab.

Just a brief overview of what it features (more detailed documentation can be found in the project on GitLab):

  • document template for german scientific documents based on the scrartcl document class, generally “good to go”
  • bibliography is done using biblatex
  • common stuff like table of contents, list of figures, acronyms etc. preconfigured
  • support for code listings using lstlisting environment

What I found to be especially useful was integrating not only the git versioning, but also the continuous integration on my self-hosted GitLab-instance into the workflow. The included configuration directly builds each pushed commit to PDF using pdflatex, making local LaTex installations needless (just keep in mind those two GB of libraries…) and collaboration a lot easier. Build artifacts can be previewed and downloaded directly in GitLab.

Cover Image: Andrew Neel on Unsplash